Delivers exactly what he commits to

My name is Juan Luis Toledo, Business Development Manager at ASL/Primary ITO for approximately six years, currently freelance Education/Agricultural consultant.

During the past several years, I have been fortunate to employ the translation and interpreting services of Mauricio López Langenbach on many occasions.

Mauricio really delivers exactly what he commits to, in an extremely accurate and professional way. His work is always carefully planned and delivered within time and budgets. He was responsible for delivering a high quality written translation into Spanish of a series of New Zealand training books for dairy farmers.

In several study tours of agriculture specialists from Latin America to New Zealand, Mauricio has engaged with Spanish-speaking delegations and New Zealand experts, allowing a fluent and friendly environment where everyone felt Mauricio was able to convey their messages in an accurate way. On one occasion, Mauricio captured and facilitated the interaction between a Māori community and two indigenous Mapuche farmers from Chile.

I definitely recommend Mauricio López’s translation and interpreting services.

Juan Luis Toledo

I highly recommend Mauricio


Robyn Tutill

Excelente labor

Mauricio realizó una excelente labor como intérprete acompañando a la delegación de Vertebral (Consejo de Institutos Profesionales y Centros de Formación Técnica Acreditados de Chile) en su gira por Nueva Zelanda y Australia en octubre de 2018. Recomendamos decididamente sus servicios.

Jorge Menéndez Gallegos

Rector del Centro de Formación Técnica ENAC y Vicepresidente de Vertebral.

Sehr gut Wortwahl beim englischen Text

Danke für die Übersetzungsarbeiten welche du in den letzten Monaten für unser
BRATWURSThotel gemacht hast.
Meine ausländischen Gäste freuen sich, in einem kleinen Hotel in der Provinz über
so viel englischsprachige Information.
Gäste welche Englisch als Muttersprache haben, loben ausdrücklich die gelungene
„Sieht nicht nach billiger Web-Translation aus“
„Sehr gut Wortwahl beim englischen Text“
„Treffende Übersetzung, auch der Fachbegriffe“

Danke dafür

Claus Böbel


Claus Böbel
Swinburne University, Melbourne, October 2018
Interpreting for Vertebral delegation in Melbourne, polytechnic school directors from Chile at the Swinburne University's Factory of the Future